Scanno Advertising

Atlanta, Georgia 0 comments

I went to one of these interviews with their company after getting a phone call from them. The first interview was quick and easy and didnt really tell me anything.

That same night I was called in for a second interview and they told me to wear comfortable shoes. I was told I was attending a "business meeting" when I found out quickly I was just going door to door selling entertainment books for 20$ each. We even got kicked out of a business complex for soliciting by an office manager. It was super embarrasing.

My feet were killing me but I wasnt allowed to sit down. I talked to a girl who was on her second week of training and she told me she didn't think it was worth it but she was already committed! Can you believe that???

At the last interview which they made me wait an hour to do, he told me that I had impressed them out there. To me that didnt make any sense since I didn't do anything and I made sure I had a bad attitude so they wouldnt want to hire me. BUT regardless of all that they still offered me the job. I had been at that interview from 8am to 7pm almost 12 hours!!

I told them I wasn't interested in that line of work and declined the job opportunity.

These people drive *** cars so I know they arent making good money and one girl even told me she can't afford her rent some months so she has to ask her parents for help! And she was a manager!!


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